I’m a South African living in South West London. My husband and I made the move to England in July 2015 to embark on an exciting new adventure together.

I am a qualified Primary School teacher with an honors degree in Special Educational Needs but currently a Stay-at-home Mom to our little princess – Miyah.

I am inspired by the field of art and use this in my everyday life as a means of self-expression. I enjoy drawing, designing, baking, crocheting and music; with ukulele being a new instrument that I’ve fallen in-love with.

I come from a big family and the move to London, far away from the people that fill my love tank, can make the grey skies darker and push you to search deeper inside yourself for that all important love reserve. It is this deep searching, light finding experience that I wish to share with people who for many reasons too find themselves searching deep within to fuel their own love tanks with their last drops of hope.

I hope that in writing about my journey I can continue to stay motivated and positive as I attempt to live life to the fullest and prove that we are in control of our own happiness.